CAC Questions at Global Child Forum

Questions by youth representatives to the businesses attending the Global Child Forum

Within the participation of the “It’s Time to Talk! – Children’s Views on Children’s Work”- campaign at the Global Child Forum in Stockholm on the 11th April 2018, the Children Advisory Comittees had the chance to ask questions directed at the international businesses attending and speaking during the Forum. They could pose different questions to each panel. The first panel dealt with ways how businesses, governments and NGOs can incorporate children’s voices into decisions that affect them. The second one focused on the causes and background of child labour, while the third panel was about education and how to ensure access to quality education for all children. The fourth panel investigated the possibilities for gorvernment, law and finance to only support projects and companies that children benefit from and the fífth and last panel was concerned with questions regarding pollution and how to protect the air, land and water children and their communities depend on.

The two youth representatives from Indonesia, who were attending the Forum themselves, as well as the Children Advisory Committee from Nepal took this opportunity and wanted to know the following:

The questions and answers are coming soon!