Since the project started in 2016, every other time we publish a Newsletter about the news and developments of the Time to Talk – Campaign for our partners! Here want to share information about the campaign, latest progresses and material we produce for the further work and actions.  For all the children who were participating in our consultations we also have a child friendly Newsletter!

Up to now we have three Newsletters and one child friendly Newsletter. As we are an international campaign taking place in 36 countries all over the world, the Newsletter is available in english, spanish and french.

Read here more about our Campaign:

DateNewsletter - Click here
Child friendly News July 2017Child friendly News English
Child friendly News July 2017Child friendly News Spanish
Child friendly News July 2017Child friendly News French
October 2017Newsletter October 2017 English
October 2017Newsletter October 2017 Spanish
October 2017Newsletter October 2017 French
July 2017Newsletter July 2017 English
July 2017Newsletter July 2017 Spanish
July 2017Newsletter July 2017 French
October 2016Newsletter October 2016 English
October 2016Newsletter October 2016 Spanish
October 2016Newsletter October 2016 French