Participation tools (III): A day in the life time of…

The “A Day in the Life of…”– timeline explores the roles and responsibilities of girls and boys in their daily life and reflects on the balance between the different activities in children’s lives.

The participating children are given the chance to present a typical day in their life. Thereby we are able to reflect on different types of works and the hours spent working by girls and boys of different ages. This method is one of the participation tools we used during our consultations.

Short information:

Objective: A day in the life of…timeline helps children to reflect on ways in which children balance chores, paid work, study, play and other opportunities. The timeline can also be useful to reflect on differences in types of work and hours spent working by girls and boys of different ages both during school term and during school holidays or non-school days.

Time needed: 60 to 90 minutes, may less time if children just complete their individual timelines, and the group discussion questions can be incorporated into the body map group discussions.

Used with: Individuals aged 8 years and older. If time allows, girls and boys can share their individual timelines with other girls or boys of similar age and working background to them.

Materials needed: Paper for each child, pencils, pens, erasers, coloured crayons.

More information:

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