Consultation in the Philippines

“Help the children: send them to school” was one of the main conclusions made by the consulted children in the Philippines when asked about what message they would like to send.

Children’s Voices

The children involved in the consultation in Tagbilaran City/Philippines were consulted in two different groups, due to their age and gender. The consulted girls, aged 8 to 12 years are children who work and got to school simultaneously, whilst most of the participating boys, aged 13 to 16 years, work fulltime.

“Respect and care for children.”

Children consulted
in the Philippines

During the consultation they emphasized that besides the possibility to receive education “Respect and care for children” is most important to them.

Basic Consultation Information

11 girls aged 8 to 12 years
9 boys aged 13 to 16 years
Household chores
Egg selling
Construction work
Tagbilaran City, Tiptip District, Philippines
One participant is drawing her personal Timeline, describing her day.