Time to Talk – Advocacy papers

Advocacy is a way trying to bring positive change in children’s lives. It is the deliberate process, based on demonstrated evidence, to directly and indirectly influence decision makers, stakeholders and relevant audiences to support and implement actions that contribute to the fulfilment of children’s rights.

Here we want to provide various guides and ideas for your advocacy work. We hope that this information is a great help for your plans and to enter into fruitful dialogues with decision-makers at all levels!

Policy Briefing Paper

The Policy Briefing Paper which is published jointly by Time to Talk and Young Lives, aims to incorporate Working Children´s Views in policy interventions: Download here.

The paper includes recommendations for policies and measures to protect children from harmful work regarding eight issues:

  • Understand why children work,
  • Children´s participation in decision-making,
  • Poverty as cause and a result of harmful children´s work,
  • Education as key to ending exploitation and to support working children,
  • Armed conflicts and environmental disasters,
  • Policies towards children´s work need to be age and gender sensitive,
  • The links between harmful work and violence-affecting children and young people
  • Mixed methods research involving children