Paul’s Diary

“It´s Time to Talk!”: Child friendly Main Report

Paul´s Diary –  in our Child friendly report,  Paul and Supermaia travel the world together to visit working children and to find out about the different lives, hopes and reasons why children work.  They meet so many different children in different countries who tell them what kind of work they do, which kind of work they like and which not and what they expect from different people to support them. The Comic is childfriendly and written in a language which is easily understandable for children. It helps children to learn more about their rights and what they can do to promote them. Also the story gives insights in different living situations and working conditions of children worldwide and helps to change the perspective for once.


The Child Friendly Report is available in English, German, Spanish, French and many other languages. Click and find out more here:

English (also available printed, please contact us for more information)

German/Deutsch (also available printed, please contact us for more information)