Working in collaboration with Children´s Advisory Committes the Campaign Organisors are supporting a child rights based particpatory research methodology enabling meaningful opportunities for children to be advisers, analysts and advocates.

The Time to Talk! Research toolkit was developed to provide the implementing civil society organisations with a practical guide to the participatory research. It was used for capacity building and allowed the research to be primarily qualitative and exploratory. Focus group discussions and participatory activities with small groups of girls and boys were mainly used for consultations.

Download Toolkit I: Consultation tool

You can download the toolkit in English, Spanish and French! The Time to Talk project encourages everyone to make use of the developed methods and tools in order to continue the capacity building of civil society actors working with children in the area of participation!

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Download Toolkit II: Child led advocacy

You can download the toolkit in English and Spanish. We encourage everyone who works with children and youth between eight to 18 to use the Original Toolkit first and to further support collaborative and child led advocacy the Toolkit II.


We are happy to help you with any further questions or concerns.